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Digital Protocols

Your Protocols

The protocol editor lets you easily create protocols with rich contextual information, including images, explanatory notes, troubleshooting information and much more.

Your protocols are automatically converted for use with our iPad app, enhancing your experiments with off-site notifications, and automatic tracking of deviations form experimental parameters.

Share with the Community allows you to share any of your protocols with the scientific community - ideal if you want to supplement your papers in print with high quality electronic protocols.

We have virtually no word count limit or cap on color images, so you can add all the critical detail thats needed to easily repeat your experiments.

Your Electronic Lab Book

The power of going digital

At the moment, you are probably keeping your research results on usb-sticks, folders on different computers and scattered across many paper lab books, making it hard and sometimes even impossible to find the information you are looking for.

The electronic lab book is a user-friendly yet powerful tool to clean up your data clutter, combining all your results, documents and notes into a single searchable repository.

Seamless integration with our tablet app

The electronic lab book was designed to seamlessly integrate with our bespoke iPad app.

You can take full advantage of the mobility afforded by an iPad to eliminate paper based workflows between the lab bench and your office, saving you documentation time and lets you capture results with increased accuracy.

The iPad App

Lab work the digital way

With our fully integrated iPad app, you can take the full power of to the bench.

You have instant access to all your protocols - full search included, making redundant printing of protocols a thing of the past. The way it should be today.

The app offers extremely intuitive data entry features, allowing you to record numerical data generated by experiments including multiple repeats and samples.

Manage Your Lab(work)life

You can keep track of all your tasks and jobs in the laboratory with email and sms reminders.

When you create a new task you can even assign a protocol directly from your repository.

Your Data Is Safe With Us

We know how important your data is to you. Don't worry! We make sure you are not loosing any of it.